Spacenook Terms of Service


Greetings, Cosmic Adventurer! Before you start connecting and sharing with creatures from all corners of the cosmos, it’s crucial you understand and agree to our Terms of Service. They’re a little less fun than a hyperdrive trip through a wormhole, but no less essential.

1. Reality Check

Spacenook is not a real interstellar social network (we know, bummer). It's a demo site of the UNA Platform. You can’t actually meet a cool alien from Proxima Centauri here. This is not the platform you're looking for if you want to discuss the best strategies for avoiding black holes or exchange the hottest space-rock tracks with an alien DJ. But you can pretend, and isn't that the next best thing?

2. No Affiliation

Spacenook is not affiliated with Facebook, Meta, or any other Earth-based social network. We do, however, share their love of connecting beings - even though our beings are from multiple galaxies and theirs are, well, mostly from Earth. Also, we have yet to master the art of Earth's legal language, but in the simplest terms: we are not them, and they are not us.

3. Demo Purposes Only

This site is purely for demonstration purposes and should be used as such. While you can’t use Spacenook to actually communicate with aliens, it's an excellent tool for familiarising yourself with the features and functionalities of the UNA Platform. Please don't try to use our hyper-encrypted messaging system to contact your friend in Alpha Centauri – it won’t work. Sorry.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

By using Spacenook, you agree to respect all intellectual property rights. If you decide to take this demo as inspiration and start your own galactic social network (please do, the universe could use more of them!), you must ensure that you do not infringe on existing copyrights or trademarks.

Remember, intellectual property theft is a universal crime - the Galactic Patrol takes a dim view on such matters.

5. Final Agreement

By using our site, you agree to abide by these Terms of Service. We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time, in this galaxy or any other. We’ll try to notify you before we make changes - unless we get sucked into a black hole. No guarantees.

By accepting these terms, you agree not to hold us responsible for any interstellar incidents, upsets in the space-time continuum, or failed attempts at intergalactic communication. You’re embarking on this cosmic journey at your own risk.

Happy pretend networking, space explorer!